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17 May, 2023 | Business

EEG demo on Youtube

We make a short video that describes our expertise with EEG data measurements based on TI ADS1299 IC” with “Check out our awesome EEG demo on YouTube! In this short video, we dive into our expertise with EEG . . .

Successful ISO 9001 | Droid Technologies
21 April 2023 | Business

ISO 9001 Audit is successfully completed

Our company confirmed skills, and organization system standards inside our company by ISO 9001:2015 certificate and could design our products with a great management that are proved by the certificate . . .

A short history of Ukraine lesson | Droid Technologies
31 January 2023 | Events

We ran Ukrainian history lessons for our team together with Oleksandr Palii

We organized Ukraine history lessons for our team with Oleksandr Palii as the teacher. The lessons consist of 44 sessions lasting 1.5 hours each, providing a better understanding of how Ukraine was created and why Ukrainian people are distinct from Russian people . . .

Cooperation with Serhiy Prytula | Droid Technologies
27 October 2022 | Events

Cooperation with Serhiy Prytula Charitable Foundation

Our company's team has invested money in the restoration of an armored car and a tank that were damaged during the liberation of Ukrainian territory . . .

"Stop the bleed" course | Droid Technologies
10 February 2023 | Events

Conducted a "Stop the bleed" course

Our team has been trained by highly qualified specialists on the following topics: - Personal safety - Recognition of massive bleeding - Stopping bleeding by direct pressure on the wound - Stop bleeding with the help of wound tamponade - Use of tourniquets to stop bleeding from extremities: CAT, SAM XT, SOF, TMT, RMT/TX2/TX3, SICH, SWAT . . .

Volunteer video report | Droid Technologies
20 June 2023 | Events

A short volunteer video report of our team for 2022 year

Our team from the beginning of full-scale war allocates part of the salary and helps our army with equipment. We created a short video report showcasing our volunteer work. We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to Doowon Choi, the CEO of EofE Ultrasonics Co., Ltd. He generously provided a significant amount of funding for equipment for our army at the start of the war.the beginning of the war . . .

Summer corporate | Droid Technologies
10 August 2021 | Corporate

Summer corporate party 2021

The hot summer brings a lot of positive emotions when you have a party with the best team . . .

New Year corporate, party 2022 | Droid Technologies
26 December 2021 | Corporate

New Year 2021-22

Our team finally celebrated a winter cooperative after a long period dealing with Covid . . .

New office | Droid Technologies
6 March 2023 | Corporate

Moving to a new Kyiv office

Finally, we moved to the new workspace with a better-equipped work area and a great supply-exhaust system . . .

The first fitting of the Albionics bioprosthesis | Droid Technologies
23 June 2023 | Business

The first fitting of the Albionics bioprosthesis

Droid technologies helped a great company called Allbionics in electronic design. Allbionics created an innovative bioprosthesis that helps people who have lost their hands . . .

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