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UX/UI design

Our team covers a whole range of UX/UI design services: research, from first sketches to full-fledged prototypes. We help companies build engaging products and create meaningful user and customer experiences that convert into tangible business results

Key capabilities

Embedded Devices

Embedded Devices

We create user interfaces for IoT devices: smart watches , fitness trackers, GPS trackers, as well as complete UX/UI solutions for smart homes and connected cars. We conduct thorough UX research and create UX/UI designs that ensure consistent operation of the entire embedded system and ensure seamless communication between devices

Web apps

Web apps

We create user experiences for web solutions: content management systems, web portals, eCommerce websites, and intelligent bot apps just to name a few. We organize an architecture that structures data, which simplifies understanding and ensures interaction with the user

Mobile application, smart home  controls

Mobile apps

We create native app according to the IOS and Android design guidelines, making them the most intuitive for users. Also, we build cross-platform mobile apps with flawless user logic and feature design, high-quality cross-device products for startups and enterprises

Desktop apps. Design for device management

Desktop apps

We can help you create intuitive and highly functional UI/UX design for your desktop apps. Our UI/UX team creates wireframes for user flows and prototypes, adjusting interfaces according to the specific needs of desktop users

Tools that we use

Adobe Illustrator


Adobe Photoshop


Adobe XD




Adobe After Effects icon

Adobe After Effects

Adobe Premiere

Adobe Premiere

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Project process


This phase includes collecting project functional requirements, understanding our customer’s business objectives, deciding on the project tech stack, and product concept sketching
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Analyze competitors. Research the latest UX trends/ Keep an eye on guidelines
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We craft UI/UX designs with specific user groups (Personas) in mind. We run interviews, research the target groups using attitudinal and behavioral methods, map user journeys, identify the most typical behavior patterns — and convert it all into Persona concepts. On top of this, we provide user experience consulting
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UX Design

Draw paper sketches, white board flows and wireframes and prototyping to share your ideas with stakeholders
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UI Design

Finalizing the layout and flow of the required interface with you, the next step is to work on final graphics This includes turning the initiall mockups, wireframes to great-looking images with themes and styles applied to them
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Integration and testing

Once high-fidelity designs are created, we validate them with stakeholders and run a series of tests to evaluate the project deliverables. Our team will run internal tests, A/B tests, user testing and even the product beta launch. We thoroughly analyze emergent user behaviors and improve designs wherever necessary
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Our Offices

Vinnytsia. Droid-technologies office

Kyiv City, str Vaclav Havel 4, office 422

Kharkiv. Droid-technologies office

Vinnytsia City, Kyivska 41

Kharkiv City, St. Karazyna 1,

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Vinnytsia. Droid-technologies office
Kharkiv. Droid-technologies office

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